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You Know You're A Writer When...

  1. The buttons wear off of your computer, especially vowels. A, S, N, M, and L are all gone.

  2. Your hands are freakishly skinny from all of the finger exercise.

  3. You constantly have dark circles under your eyes from getting inspiration at odd hours of the morning.

  4. When you need some online essay help

  5. You talk about characters as if you really know them and had coffee with them this morning.

  6. You call your best friend and ask, "If you were going to kidnap the President's daughter, and you only had a paperclip and some duck tape, how would you do it?"

  7. Hopefully said best friend knows you're writing a book, otherwise men in black coats show up at your door.

  8. Every time you're in a plane, train, or government building you're trying to figure out how your eternally evil character could wreak havoc on innocent civilians.

  9. You compromise with your spouse that you will do the dishes if he or she will read a chapter of your manuscript...again...because you changed another word.

  10. As others are talking, you are mentally adding punctuation to their speech.

  11. You become easily agitated by those who speak with bad grammar.

  12. As you read the newspaper, you are editing it for missing commas and misspelled words.

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