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Your website was hacked


I believe a part of your website may have been hacked. Specifically, if you take a look at this article:

If you scroll down to the part where it says "Towards this end, WWF and a large group of responsible buyers, harvesters, processors, and traders, are making a"

Right after that there is a link (the word "pledge") that, if you click it, will send you to to an affiliate hunting website which I am certain you did not put there. This is the hacker's website.

It seems like a hacker accessed your website and added this link into it to get free traffic and boost their position in the search engines.

Just thought I would let you know as this could be prevalant; if it happened here, chances are it's also in many different parts of your website. I would strongly recommend removing the hacked link. The owner of this website has hacked hundreds of other sites just like he did with yours.

Good luck!
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