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Your thieves and crooks, and genocidalists

Kril your membership sceretary had me pay $250.00. You never gave me any of my specific requests. Unless you return the $250.000 to Scott Thompson; 105 Mayfair Dr. NE; Leesburg, VA, 20176-2422. I shall file fraud with the Swiss fraud investigators. This my 2nd request, and such WWF U.K. for were most cooperative. You have 2 days to respond.
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  • Hello Scott,
    I'm terribly sorry to hear about the trouble you are having, I'm sure there must be some sort of mix up. First of all, we will need so more information so we can find out what exactly has happened. Our membership coordinator, Monika Kull would be the best person to help you with any donations made to us here at WWF-International. You may contact here directly at:

    "Monika Kull"

    However, if your donation was to one of our national offices, such as WWF-UK or WWF-US, then we do not have access to their information from here, and you will need to contact them directly. Here is the contact detail page for our global offices:

    Please do not hesitate to email us directly for further assistance, please use this email:

    Cheryl Griswold
    WWF International Global Response Team
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