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I’m Very sad

Yulin dog festival


I would like to ask the WWF to get involved in the Yulin dog meat festival. I know that you usually don't get involved in the domestic animals causes but this is torture and cruelty. It has to stop! This is unacceptable and China practise torture on animals for too long. Activists over there need help! They don't manage to do it on their own. Your presence at their side would really help. Every animal, domestic or not, deserve respect. This is why, as a member of the WWF, I'm asking you, with all the respect I have for your foundation, to get involved.

Thank you.


Sophie Waridel
  • Miriam (Official Rep) June 29, 2016 10:40
    Thank you for contacting us about cruelty to animals.  
    The focus of WWF's work is on environmental and species conservation and not on campaign issues related to cruelty towards animals. We suggest you contact organizations which are specifically working on these issues. These include:
    International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) -

    World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) -

    You could also contact your local WWF office and they may be able to provide more information about other local organizations who may be able to help. Their contact details (along with website URLs) of all our offices around the world are available at:

    The contact details of our WWF-China Office can be found at

    If you wish to report a Facebook page you need to contact them directly with your complaint.

    All the best
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