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zoo killings (one in public - not humane at all)

Is WWF going to step in to stop the Copenhagen slaughter of animals? Its a slaughter and there is no one stopping them. Instead of them being killed in the wild they are held captive, bred and them killed. Talk about shooting a fish in the barrel. These are still wild animal and deserve some protection. You are the one of the strongest organizations around who can actually make a difference. I urge you to stand up and be our voice in this matter - sincerely Naomi
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  • Thank you for contacting us, we appreciate your concern regarding this distressing issue.

    The role of WWF is to protect ecosystems and species in the wild, so when it comes to animal cruelty issues, even wild animals in captivity, we refer to those organisations who specialise in this area. WWF may indeed be an influential organisation, but our respect is built on the strength of our expertise in a mandated field of work. We have no experience in lobbying for animal welfare cases in captivity. No organisation can do it all. By working together, and respecting each others areas of expertise, we stand a better chance of achieving our respective goals. We encouraging you to contact one of these reputable groups,

    These include:
    International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) -
    World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) -
    The Born Free Foundation in the UK welcomes all reports of animal suffering for captive wild animals including zoos:

    I hope this helps clarifies things, and thank you for speaking out - we appreciate you standing up to make a difference.

    All the best,
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