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Direct downloads?! Possible??

One of the best things about AlwaysOnPC is that it loads websites and downloads stuff really fast (on the Virtual Computer). I tried downloading a video attachment on my email, and I was thoroughly impressed with the speed it was downloaded onto the 'Virtual' computer. I'd like to use AlwaysOnPC to download larger file attachments directly to my (real) computer. Is this possible in any way, or is it a really, really bad idea?
Also, as a lot of people are complaining, the performance is not good (maybe because I'm far from the server location). It actually lags a lot--it's a bit tolerable when I drop down the JPEG quality to about 1, but then it looks all messy--like stretching a 240p YouTube video onto a giant screen. I hope you solve this quick.
Oh, a big thanks for making it possible, anyways! I love using it, even if it takes 8 seconds (on higher quality) to perform just one action--scroll, click or whatever.
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