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Internet Explorer - Error: No files uploaded

I'm using Windows 7 Home Prem. 64bit with Internet Explorer 9. After I finish 'Step-1' filling the first box (From/To, etc.) and click 'Next', I am presented with the 'Options' box (Step-2) and leaving the options unchecked and before I can even click 'Next' a new blank window pops up just seconds later saying 'ERROR: No files uploaded'. I don't know if the bug is in Interent Explorer or LargeFilesASAP but either way it is very frustrating. Your service provides the best looking user interface by far, that I have ever seen of any such service, very clean, simple and uncluttered, easy to read (great colours and contrast, good sized fonts and a very comfortable (attractive and appealing) layout. All this without having to register, heavy buy/upgrade now ads, etc., amazing. Sadly though, this experience has ruined my initial introduction. GOOD NEWS - I just tried it with FireFox and the process was completely successful (no errors)! As much as I am starting to hate Internet Explorer, it is still my main browser, so if you have any suggestions to offer I would very much appreciate hearing from you.
P.S. I will definitely be linking to LargeFilesASAP on my site.
Thank you for your exceptional service.
Rui Belo
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