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What is the difference between your product and Dropbox?
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  • Hi Janice,

    Thank you for the question.

    DropBox is a cloud service where you store information you want to share with others on the DropBox servers.

    LargeFilesASAP and iWormhole are digital courier services more akin to UPS and FedEx. We efficiently move packages (data/files) no matter how large, over the internet. Depending on how quickly and securely you need to get your information to someone else will depend on what services you will use of ours.

    LargeFilesASAP is our web based service that is basically free to use up to 2gig file sizes. We offer premium upgrade services that are listed on the website. There are limits to what a web browser can handle file size wise so we also offer a desktop software solution called iWormhole that is incredibility fast at sending files of any size and also allows for encryption if you need to lock your information down.

    Our philosophy is you already own a cloud service, it called your PC. It keeps all your information secure and when you want to move that information to someone else fast and securely you will then use our services to get it from A to B. Our priority is to get your information and data to the right place without someone else having access to it. Hence why we use the term digital couriers.



    Larry Cole
    iWormhole Communications Corp.
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