Dahon extracycle


I saw you guys at Pedalfest in Oakland and rode the Dahon espresso/extracycle and I WANT ONE.

How do I do that?

Are the wide loaders available later if I decide I need them after I've already had the bike for a while
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  • Nate (Happy Helper) October 26, 2011 20:23
    Hey there! Great to see you at Pedalfest.

    I recommend our dealer in San Francisco - who also sells Dahon. They have a FreeRadical equipped Dahon on the floor that you can test ride, and they should be able to get you all the products you need quickly.

    Warm Planet Bikes - http://www.warmplanetbikes.com/

    And regarding WideLoaders - no problem, you can certainly upgrade to them later. That's the magic of our system - you can adapt and change your set up as your needs from a cargo bike change over time.
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