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I’m frustrated

Rear brake installation

I'm installing my Freeradical and I'm not too satisfied with the rear brake setup. I'm using the caliper brakes that were on the bike and the feeling is pretty mushy and the stopping action is a bit weak. THe manual does not provide much detail on how to route the brake cable so maybe I'm not doing it in the best way. Any suggestions?
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  • Hi Nate,

    Thanks for the reply. I'm using V-brakes so they are compatible. I think the issue is that without a boss to hold the brake end of the cable housing in place the movement during brake actuation is a quite a bit softer than I am used to.

    The setup works, I was just hoping that maybe there was a better way I was not seeing of securing the cable housing.

    I am going to replace the v-brakes with a disk system anyway so the problem in moot at this point.
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