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Rear brake protection should come standard

I just purchased a Big Dummy and am still working on my modifications for child riders. I had some concerns about the rear disc brake rubbing on the bags from leg pressure. Then....I noticed you sell a Tubular Caliper Protector. Why isn't this bar included standard?
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  • Nate (Happy Helper) March 23, 2012 16:45

    First, let me apologize for the delay. I rely on being emailed about these questions as they came in, and for some reason, a month ago, those emails stopped. I should have checked! Anyway - we strive for great customer service, and this certainly wasn't. Thanks so much for your patience. Here's my thoughts on your question:

    The Big Dummy does come with rear brake protection - it's built into the frame. See picture below.

    The Tubular Caliper Protector is only intended for the FreeRadical when running disc - about 10% of our users run disc brakes, but adding built in protection would add $20-30 to everyone's cost on the FreeRad, so we let it be optional for those who need it.

    If your still not 100% satisfied with the Big Dummy protection, please email the good folks at Surly, they are interested in feedback on their products:
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