I’m frustrated

RSS feature needs improvement

The RSS feature is effectively useless as Twitter mentions dominate the list and are first in order.

The whole point of me using yacktrack is so that I can efficiently monitor the online chatter for the things that matter to me, but when doing so in my google reader all i see are tweets.

This doesn't help me because I already follow tweets, blog mentions, etc. in my google reader and was hoping to consolidate. You should figure out a way to only list a maneageable amount from each source - give them priority for most relevant, popular - something. That would really help cut through the noise, which is what your service is all about.

i hope this helps, and reach out to me if you have more questions.

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    I’m undecided

    There are a few things we are looking at to solve this problem. First, better grouping on the user interface in order to see the different services better, then you can drill down from there. Another is actual filtering in the application as well as the RSS feeds, or just an advanced search option where you can select the services.

    If these don't sound like they solve your problem, please let me know and we can try to figure out a solution.
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