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problem with loging in

Hi there,
from some reason i have a problem loging in .
I reseted my password and now when I try to create a new password it says the login has failed.
please help me
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this problem
    I’m confident
    I was unable to replicate the issue with the change password function. It appears to be working as it should. That is not to say, however, that we can't help you log in!

    The only reason you should receive the message "there is an error with the URL" is if you are clicking the link to reset your password from an older email. To reset your password, you must click the link from the newest email sent to you from our site.

    This also means that if you double click the 'submit' button while entering your email, you could accidentally generate two sets of urls (once for each click), and the emailer is only sending you the first. This, though, is only a theory.

    My suggestion is to try resetting your password again, making sure you only click on the 'submit' button a single time, and then click the link in the very most recent email from us.

    Try that, and let me know if it doesn't work.
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