• Another modification of the site builder perhaps???

    … . Just a thought for easy alignment of any widget you have on your site. Any input here??? Happy site building Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-04-03)

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  • Password showing

    When I enter my password on Yola, I can see the characters. On Synthasite it was blobs instead of characters, so the password was more secure. Wouldn't this be better? (2009-04-04)

    · Answered · 3 replies
    • … in page that appeared always worked. Odd... Have you ran into this as well? Happy site building Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-04-04)
  • Yola Website Builder - PREVIEW OPTION doesn't work

    Hi guys, When i select to preview my page, my pc freezes and I need to shut down explorer completely. It's been happening for a few days, i thought maybe it would pass but obviously not! Making things a little difficult for me as id like to preview... (2009-04-04)

    · Answered · 8 replies · 2
    • … it for free here...http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/personal.html Happy site building Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-04-04)

    Guys, After sleepless nights trying to finish just ONE of my 5 page website, i have refreshed the 'HOME' page and everything is GONE.............................. I have absolutely NO IDEA how.............. I am sitting here crying and exhausted from... (2009-04-05)

    · Answered · 52 replies
    • … this page later. Just an offer to throw your way my friend... Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite.com/ P.S. Do remember that I myself have been in your shoes many times before and with my site I my heart … (2009-04-05)
  • Template Help

    Hey Everyone! My girlfriend has never built a website before so I was going to help her build a cooking/recipe website. Can I get some opinion on which yola template is best for this idea? And I also need to know how I can change the background to be... (2009-04-08)

    · Answered · 18 replies
    • yea... I think honeybearplayhomes used tasteless... any pros wanna tell me how I can make tasteless transform as much as they did it? lol! And I am using Allrecipes as a guide to get started … (2009-04-08)
  • please give me an opinion!

    I want an honest opinion on the APPEARANCE of this site. I only have one set of lyrics available but please navigate from the home page all the way to the lyrics and tell me if it looks good. Click on the # sign to the left... click on 10 Years, click... (2009-04-10)

    · 17 replies
    • … did you use? And did you change the background? I still can't figure out how to change the background, I see it done all the time. I am personally amazed at honeybearplayhomes' website, but I think they are temporarily … (2009-04-10)
  • The mother load of FREE inbound link generators... Do you want hundreds and hundreds of inbound links to your website by placing ONE classified ad? A Honey Bear Playhomes tip...

    … links that Google and all the search engines take note of. I hope that you like it as much as I have... Happy site building... Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-04-19)

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  • Help with menu!

    how can you customize the menu? Not the actual links but rather the look of it! Can you put a heading over the menu that says, "menu" or "navigation"? (2009-04-23)

    · Answered · 10 replies
    • Then how can others do it? http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite.com/ (2009-04-23)
  • why are my google ads not matching my website???

    It's a Christian website and I'm getting ads for a comedian. (2009-05-19)

    · Answered · 2 replies
    • … . Please post and share your website URL so that we all may see your site. There can never be enough Christian websites I think... ;) Happy site building Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-05-19)
  • i cannot google my website

    i have built my website,got my domain name and published it.and it looks good.but,if i google my name or the domain name,the site does not appear.what am i doing wrong? (2009-05-19)

    · Answered · 16 replies
    • … , replied 21 days ago) said it best and I just copied her answer... ;) Happy site building Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-05-19)
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