Hi, I am trying to edit the HTML Code on my webiste. I have copied an embed HTML Code from Picasa web album. It was fine untill the past 3 weeks, after which i tried editing the code but the program becomes non-responsive and I have to do an abrupt end... (2009-06-22)

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    • … You can find me here with my head still in the honey pot (H.B.P) ... http://www.getsatisfaction.com/yola/searches?query=honeybearplayhomes&commit=Search … (2009-06-22)
  • Calling all Featured Sites Webmasters

    Hi All So I was having a normal day, doing support, answering all the many questions Yola customers have, same old - same old, and I opened an email that gave me an idea. I hope it is a good one! The person asked us how one of our featured sites was... (2009-08-28)

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    • Funny guy and with two eyes it does not look as good as with one sad to say but I will let you be the judge... Send me an email and I will send you the link ed@honeybearplayhomes.com (2009-08-29)
  • The Honey Bear went in for a face-lift...

    So, I was looking online the other day and found this wonderful graphic artist selling his work on a pay to buy site and could not resist the $20 purchase of some of his fine art. The Bear I had was great but I wanted a more cartoon and Disney look so I... (2009-10-14)

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    • Hey Boomer can you look at my "about me" page and tell me if the thing you see is there as well? I did a little editing to the code for the menu on that page and wonder if it did anything... http://www.honeybearplayhomes.com/About_me.php (2009-10-14)
    • … . LOL I did not think about it until after I was done. Imagemaps... Boy what fun (arggg) The image editing, graphic work and coordinate plotting was worth the pain. http://www.honeybearplayhomes … (2009-10-16)
  • separating menu list from the rest of the page

    i just started making this website so i am a beginner, but i made a list of my pages going down the left side of my home page. My first question is, how can i separate that list from the rest of the page, ex. a border or a different color background. I... (2009-10-14)

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    • … on all pages. Ed @ honeybear playhomes has the best menu I ever did see used with yola (or for that matter anywhere on the web) - not sure how he did it though. http://honeybearplayhomes … (2009-10-15)