• How to re-size header to fit logo.

    Hi all, How do I re-size the header area? Can someone tell me how to put the website menu next to my logo. Take a look at my website and see what I mean. I want the logo and menu to be next to each other as I have a huge gap where the logo is. Many... (2011-07-25)

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    • … I would imagine. ;) You alleviated my headache by telling me which style... A little... http://honeybearplayhomes.yolasite.com/ That stretched image turned out pretty … (2011-07-27)
  • Add a FREE Plugoo chat feature on your website... A Honey Bear Playhomes tip...

    … in action I have it on my write to Mr. Honeypot page as a one-on-one chat. http://www.honeybearplayhomes.com/wri... Happy site building Ed If the lady … (2011-10-04)

    · Not planned · 4 replies
  • Can you make life easy for Adobe InDesign page-flipping-book HTML files?

    All I want to do is FTP, or otherwise upload with no thought or effort on my part, an HTML file of a page-flipping e-commerce brochure, produced with once click in Adobe InDesign (the industry standard application for producing magazines and brochures)... (2011-10-27)

    · Answered · 6 replies
    • … * QuizSnack * FlipSnack I just did a test on my site and it embeds perfectly. http://www.honeybearplayhomes.com/fliptest.php My site already has a bunch of flash on it so it might load … (2011-10-27)
  • A FREE online PDF page flipping generator to add a touch of professionalism to your website... A Honey Bear Playhomes tip...

    … . 28, 2011) I just did a test on my site and it embeds perfectly. http://www.honeybearplayhomes.com/fli... My site already has a bunch of flash on it so it might load slower … (2011-10-27)

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  • The Honey Bear is going to the dark side this Halloween... Mmmmmwwwwahahahahahaha

    … . ;) Just above freaky dark and right below funny dark. Dark none the less. http://www.honeybearplayhomes.com/ What a glorious waste of time right? 6 hours for one day … (2011-10-31)

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  • How to make old free yola website work with .com domain name I bought from another company?

    I bought a domain name for a website I currently have for free from Yola. What is involved in making the old free yola website work with the new .com domain name? And will it cost me anything to do this? I did not purchase the domain name through Yola. (2011-12-28)

    · Answered · 13 replies
    • … some future correspondence. If you like, you can send me your info by using my form on my site: http://www.honeybearplayhomes.com/Contact_me.php If your parents/grandparents are alive … (2011-12-28)
  • What have i done wrong??

    Hi. Ive finished my site. One problem is that when my front page is veiwed on an Iphone or ipad the wigets are all spread out and not neat as on a my laptop browsers. The other pages are all lined up and look good. It was fine the other day and I cant... (2012-01-03)

    · Solved · 4 replies
    • … and keep enjoying the learning. One day you may have these other people eating out of your hand :) Have a look at http://honeybearplayhomes.com. This was built by a person without prior knowledge of site building … (2012-01-06)
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