• real web address for privacy policy?

    I need to get the address to my privacy policy on my webpage to submit for search engine forms. Only problem is, the web page shows up the same no matter which page of the website I am on. How do I find out the actual location / webaddress of my... (2009-02-27)

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    • … to figure out. I purchased my domain from Yahoo but I wonder where njoynlife got hers. Ed http://honeybearplayhomes..com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite.com/ 6 away from 1000 (2009-02-27)
  • Traffic and affiliate programs

    My site has been online for just a few days now . According to Google analytics I receive 5 visits per day . I'm surprised I received this many visits and I'm not even indexed yet . Must be some sort of mistake or something . Anyway I was looking to... (2009-03-09)

    · Answered · 9 replies
    • … that many hits a day we will be coming to you for advice :) Try Ed at http://honeybearplayhomes.com, Casey at http://www.winnersedgetrading.com/ both these guys are into affiliates and their sites … (2009-03-09)
    • … % are informational. These are but a few... http://getsatisfaction.com/SynthaSite/searches?query=honeybearplayhomes&commit=Search Keep up the good work and happy site building Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite.com/ Peter looks like you are trying to get a "Champ" on your image and join Mr. Honeypot … (2009-03-09)
  • Multiple music tracks: A player?

    has anyone here embedded a player to play multiple tracks from music stored on their own site. I don't mean from external sites? Probably internal spiff files. I need some help on this one. (2009-03-10)

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    • … . Once you play around with it you will get the hang of it... Oh and the code to insert into an HTML widget is Ed http://pagepeel.synthasite.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-03-11)
  • 2 drop down menus on same page

    when i add this code it works great- <!-- <div style="text-align: right;"> <form name="menu"> <select style="font-size:12px;color:#006699;font-family:verdana;background-color:#ffffff;" name="menu"> <option value=" (2009-03-10)

    · Answered · 8 replies
    • … code try to name it "menu2" P.S. I tried it and it works... ;) Merry Christmas... Ed http://pagepeel.synthasite.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-03-10)
  • Copying a Word document into Synthasite

    I really don't know if this is new or not. The question came up as to copying a Word document into Synthasite. It can't be done directly as we know and the standard way of cutting and pasting through Notepad does lose a lot of features. I was trialing... (2009-03-16)

    · 12 replies
    • … that your content was and looks the same from one to the next. Enjoy and happy site building... Ed http://pagepeel.synthasite.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-03-16)
  • Damn Problem with IE 6


    · Answered · 7 replies
    • … the old codes) Let us know if those don't work for you... Good luck and happy site building... Ed http://pagepeel.synthasite.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-03-16)
  • Please coment on my page

    I ́ll Apreciate all coments!! (2009-03-26)

    · 5 replies
    • … the music off and ruin their viewing pleasure and go elsewhere. Keep up the good work and as always... Happy site building Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-03-26)
  • Where can I find the url for the images in file manager?

    How can I set up an image file to act as a bookmark link on my page? I cannot find the URL for my image files, and most java scripts require that you place a section of code in the tag, which does not seem to be available with the template format. Can... (2009-03-29)

    · Answered · 7 replies
    • Alan, this is a section cut from a post by Ed of Http:honeybearplayhomes.com The built in favicon generator in the site builder presently … using this code on my site and as you see it is cross browser compatible... http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite.... 1) Upload your favicon to your file … (2009-03-29)
  • Can Yola HELP with a MARKETING WEBSITE??

    I am interested in creating a Website or having one created for Marketing Purposes. I run a work from home business and need all leads forwarded to another website which it my lead management site, can this be done with Yola? The type of website I need... (2009-04-01)

    · Answered · 39 replies
    • … Marcela. The challenge eh? Showcase websites? A few: http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite.com http://www.gracehm.com http://www.wordnoise.com http://www.cosmicsensorium.com Other form … (2009-04-02)
  • Acheiving Goals In Life


    · 2 replies
    • Hi Charles Do you have a question that you want answered? Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite.com/ (2009-04-04)
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