• swf file and Firefox help needed!

    Hi there. This has already been reported to Yola support, who are currently looking into the problem, but until I get an official response, I just wondered if anyone else has had this issue recently with Yola sites, Firefox and Flash animations? Our... (2011-01-08)

    · Solved · 8 replies
    • … back to "welcome" or edit the code in your site to reflect the new name "welcome3" http://www.honeybearplayhomes.com/churchtest.php Cheers Just checked and they work in IE, FF … (2011-01-08)
  • new webpage overwrites a previous page

    I started my webpage the other day and I came back to add a few bits today.When I started a new page,it seems to have overwrote my last page.Whats happening?How many pages am I allowed on 1 site? I only have bits of text on each page. (2008-10-30)

    · Solved · 14 replies
    • … dropped down into the white background. Could you Publish your site and post your URL for 10 minutes while I try something Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2008-10-31)
  • Problems with SynthaSite: One Long Term User Group's Perspective

    Note: I searched and search a a way to submit this privately, across multiple blogs and addresses, and they only took me in circles. Regrets. This is about problems at SynthaSite that can no longer be handled at the staff level. Dear Vinny, We plan to... (2009-02-18)

    · 20 replies
    • … to get to the top fast and chose to do it this way and it worked. So as I stated I have always used the http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite. com/ and no other in my postings throughout the web. Religiously I did this and never changed or altered it. ALL my traffic enters through this and not my www.honeybearplayhomes. com/ Knowing this fact and knowing that two of my other analytics register near 100 … (2009-02-19)
  • I can't create a new site!!!

    i create a new site, when i write the site title and clik ok, i can't continu after (2008-03-29)

    · 18 replies · 2
    • … up and be positive and although you may be experiencing some difficulties I want you to know that you made the right choice in creating a website using Synthasite. I never would have been able to create mine without them ;) www.honeybearplayhomes.com Ed … (2008-10-09)
  • help kill this error

    <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <!--[endif]--> <!--[endif]--> this problem is back when trying to insert blocks of text .... it doesn't show when previewing in firefox but it is when previews in IE ...... this is reocurring every now and then... (2008-09-05)

    · Solved · 7 replies · 2
    • glad it worked for you now I am glad I had the problem arise on my site to help others take a look at my site and you will see how much could go wrong with all I have on it http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite.com/index.php (2008-09-05)
  • my synthasite site is not working properly

    my synthasite is not working properly i am not able to change any seeting on my site niether im able to write any text on my site (2008-10-19)

    · Solved · 2 replies
    • … Keep up your spirits and remember I have been through it myself a handful of times. Here is my site so that you can see I was able to get beyond what you are experiencing. http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite.com/ It will all work out in the end my friend … (2008-10-19)
  • New bugs

    … them it gave me the first screenshot. 2) Opened my file manager in several of my sites (honeybearplayhomes included) and got the second screenshot. Fist time that none of my files … (2008-12-02)

    · Solved · 26 replies · 3
  • Your Web Site Sucks!

    Your free website sucks! I lost all my data on trying to make one. Nothing works. Loaded with bugs and such that makes any work useless. I spent all day and night on it and lost it all. Back to the drawing boards please. I will never try it again. ... (2009-01-15)

    · Acknowledged · 7 replies · 3
    • … truly wants to know about. They as well as your fellow members and site builders are here for you. Help us make Synthasite even better... I wish you happy site building Ed http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite … (2009-01-15)
  • Google are giving me errors about my sitemap

    Every day or 2 google report an error with my sitemap. Anyone else getting this? Any ideas what might be the problem? Lee. (2009-10-03)

    · Acknowledged · 37 replies
    • Interesting... I am getting the error as well... But no error in the checker... http://www.intodns.com/honeybearplayhomes.com Tre bizarre... (2009-10-05)
  • So anyone else having a problem reaching their published sites?

    … are funky and don't work but the other sites still fail to load completely All the rest of the web is fast as fast can be ;) http://www.honeybearplayhomes.com/ http://cedarridge.yolasite … (2009-11-21)

    · Solved · 16 replies
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