• New Style Selector and Premium Style Store!

    Hi All We have just rolled out another Yola release and we are very excited about this one! When next you log into your accounts you will see some big changes whenever you: 1) Create a new site. 2) Change styles. The new features include: 1) A new,... (2009-08-30)

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    • … it down a layer. The code did not like the forums even with the encoder so I put it on a new page... http://www.honeybearplayhomes.com/flash-code.php The first four images are in the site builder … (2009-09-02)
  • Calling all Featured Sites Webmasters

    Hi All So I was having a normal day, doing support, answering all the many questions Yola customers have, same old - same old, and I opened an email that gave me an idea. I hope it is a good one! The person asked us how one of our featured sites was... (2009-08-28)

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    • Funny guy and with two eyes it does not look as good as with one sad to say but I will let you be the judge... Send me an email and I will send you the link ed@honeybearplayhomes.com (2009-08-29)
  • Our Sitebuilder Upgrade is Live!

    Want a sneak preview of some of the upcoming changes to the Yola Sitebuilder? Read about it here and be the first to know! We have developed some exciting new features (and also made some improvements to the way the Sitebuilder looks) which we plan to... (2011-01-28)

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    • By looking at my site you can imagine how much my mouse and my left click finger thanks all those who had their hands in this feature's development... http://www.honeybearplayhomes.com/ (2011-01-31)