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I've seen a few comments, gripes, concerns about the number of ads. And I'm all for slow and steady wins the race, especially after years of scams, tricks, and being hoodwinked and bamboozled. So a dollar here or there for me is a dollar I didn't have a few minutes anyway. I, for one appreciate the "transparency" about this not being a way to get "rich" but to make a little mad money or milke money. The ads that I'm seen are legitimately for companies I'm interested in. They are high quality sites with interesting and new things, that I find intriguing. Yes in this crazy economy, who doesn't want a "real" opportunity to make a little cash. But I was thinking what about going after the advertising dollars spent in cinema. Who doesn't love a great movie, movie trailer etc. What about approaching the "powers that be" for ads about upcoming movies, that showcase movie trailers with a way to share feedback about the movie?

Just a thought from one of the new kids on the block. What say ye?
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    Thank you very much for the kind feeback!

    We have discussed the film industry's use of movie trailers in the past. We think it could work. The difficulty there (in my opinion) is that Apple provides a wonderful site that many have come to use exclusively for viewing trailers and they don't monetize that at all. I am unsure if the studios receive compensation from Apple for placing content there or if Apple receives compensation. Perhaps we will make connections with the media industry on the West Coast one day and then they will see how they can reach very specific audiences. It is definitely a great idea!

    Thanks crazywife!
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