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I’m frustrated

YouMail draining battery - Droid Incredible

After upgrading to the new YouMail, my Droid Incredible was loosing battery life at a phenomenal rate. The battery would drain from full charge in less than 2 hours and it would get extremely HOT.

After checking a few things out, I looked at what was using my battery after giving it a full charge and letting it sit about an hour. This showed that YouMail was using over 10%. I have NO voicemail or calls in that time, nor did I even open the app.

I had to delete the app from my phone to get it to function correctly. After removing the app I am no longer having the issue.

I like YouMail and would love to continue using it, but with the current version it's just not possible. I tried to get the old version back, but it's no longer available in the market.

Any ideas? YouMail - can you please fix this!
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