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I’m frustrated

I can't see youtube videos in any browsers!

When I try to watch a video on or from Youtube it simply doesn't show,
and that problem persists on ALL my browsers(IE7,FF3,Google Chrome).
Flash animations/games and videos from other sources other than YT run

Here's what happens:

Attempted fixes:
-Tried to uninstall and install Flash Player(latest version) at least three times.
-Ran CCleaner, removing everything, including Cache.
-Checked if my Firewall was blocking it(obviously no).
-Verified Java Script boxes, they're on.
-Ran Java and Flash checks, even opened other applications that use
them, and no problems.
-Checked "hosts" file, no blockage there.
-Ran Anti-Spywares and Anti-Virus tests.

PS:Also, if I right-click on the white area the video should be, I get
the Flash Player right-click menu, not the browser's.

Please, I really need help here.
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