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Photo of John Ormond
why was leanne leesa cancelled?
When I looked in early April, there were only two videos there, one a very old movie "12 Angry Men", the other was the only copy of "28 W...
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Mark comment as not spam
My wife attempted to reply to a comment on one of my videos. It would not post the comment, it would not give an error message. I split...
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Photo of Kyle Hill
Is YouTube closed to new members?
No matter what username I choose *even my real name* it always says not available and before the Google Plus switch over I never had a pr...
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UserName Unavailable ALWAYS
I'm trying to Sign Up. Regardless of the Username it tells me it is unavailable. How do I correct. I'm unable to complete an applicatio...
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Removing Harmful Videos
I'm writing about about a set of videos that should be removed from the YouTube website. I have researched your rules of use and the comm...
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