Additional types of roads

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Something along the line of dirt roads for out of town areas to go with the cobblestone roads for in town areas...
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Posted 6 years ago

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Heck, I'd like to see pavers as an upgrade to the cobblestone. Making a square with the cobbles looks crappy.

A really fancy upgrade would be to have the walkers actually use the roads. Another idea would be a 10% productivity increase if there were roads that connected a source to a destination.

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Josh Carter

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Yay they came out with those brick roads that come with a productivity bonus!
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i actually would like the villagers to use them too! whats the point of having them if theyre gonna walk all in your decorations and stuff anyway -.-
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I have been noticing that my villagers have been using my main road more often after the update :)
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There are a lot of mechanics in game to properly path your villagers, I've seen some nations with perfect pathing to everywhere. Involves the use of fences/walls and a good road design.
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Josh Carter

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Roads I would like to see:

Colored brick
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I would like a dirt one also!
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I don't have enough roads yet because I want to do some redesigning, but my village people try to walk on the roads when they can.
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Yes please, dirt roads/paths, and also stepping stones made of stone and also wooden ones for forest paths!