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hahaha really?

what is the aim of this flame site? to alert people of a shitty driver? i know i like to memorize license plates of offenders i saw on a website for when i'm out and about driving.

you guys should also make an iphone app, that's a great idea, this way when you get cut off you can get in an accident trying to zaptag their license plate.
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    hawaii (Official Rep) May 21, 2009 19:10
    Thinking of a witty way to report a bad driver is probably a better response than a road rage confrontation. If you forget the plate number before you get home? That's not a bad outcome, either. No one's forcing anyone to use, unless it offers you some kind of catharsis or enjoyment.

    An iPhone app has been suggested many times, and you've noted the main reason we didn't start with one: the last thing we want is for people to become a hazard themselves while using our site.
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