A Desktop App in the works?

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Does Zenbe Lists have a widget or something of the sort so that I don't need to navigate to the site?
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  • really impressed with Lists so far!

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I want one as well, it shouldnt be much work since you simple port the iPhone app to a widget form or more elaborate desktop app. Go! :)

(the options proposed earlier are 100% web based)
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Eric Prescott

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I too would like an offline, non-iphone solution for managing my tasks. Something really light for the desktop that syncs the same way the iPhone app does would be great. Add nested (hierarchical) tasking to that (a la Google Tasks, Omni Outliner, et al), and I would be done searching for my perfect task management solution.
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Thomas Malone

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A native mac and windows app would be awesome.... please please please.
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Jay Harlow

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Official Response
We'd like to build a Lists app for MacOS. Realistically though, it's probably not something we'll get around to soon.

We're a very small team, and since a desktop version would largely replicate the functionality of the web version, we're more likely to focus our energy on improving that rather than building and supporting another piece of software.

But stay tuned, you never know!
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I want a version for PC and Mac too.
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Hi Jay,

In my free time I do iPhone and Mac development and since I think Zenbe lists is one of the best list apps out there I would be willing to help with MAC desktop version. I could try to port your iPad version to MAC if that's something you'll be willing to take me on. I will not charge you or hold any copyright on the software. Just really wish there would be a desktop version so if anything I thought I'd make it myself.

Please let me know if you interested.

My email is:
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One more request for a desktop app (both Mac and PC user here).

I own two nightclubs and my company provides iPads and iPod touch to the employees for inventory many other uses.

It would be great to have a desktop app where I could quickly send tasks lists to individuals or groups and be able to follow the tasks they complete automatically as well as be able to assign a notification to a task so I know the moment it is checked off.

Many Thanks
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David Wetty

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My productivity issues would probably solved if a menubar app was made for Mac (in the App Store no less) that allowed me to add to-dos right from the menu bar. Just take some inspiration from the Twitter app that is currently in the App Store and you'll see what I'd pay money for.
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Jody Caldwell

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here's another vote for a desktop app through the apple app store. i have twitter and evernote apps running all the time. zenbe would be really handy too!
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If I could I would vote and often to get an app for my desktop. I am sure we would all be willing to pay a fair price for it.

Please, and thanks
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Zenbe Lists is dead and the iphone app is no longer for sale. Don't hold your breathe for a desktop app, or even a reply form the company.